Monday, July 19, 2010

Smooth Sailing

Summary: On April 3, 2010 we lost everything to a fire. No one was hurt. My 4yr old son Andrew and I are now at a friends place in Long Island, NY.
Many thanks to Bill & Satya, Lauren Bond, Julie Amisano and others who brought me clothes, vitamins and goodies during Amma's visit to New York July 4th-6th.
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Amma's visit to New York brought many surprises. One being that I had the opportunity to place a flower garland over her as she arrived on Tuesday morning. The other being our move from the shelter.

Russel Simmonds got his hug and Doug E Fresh performed again as he did last year.

I saw many old friends. As coordinator of the family table, I had my hands full making sure the children in the program stayed safe. Luckily, there were many volunteers who assisted me during the three days. Thanks to them I was actually able to go home and sleep!

Excerpt below from:
The United Nations & The Hip-Hop Nation

Welcome Amma to New York 5 July, New York City–2010 USA

"The hip-hop community also paid its respects to Amma. Russell Simmons, the co-founder of Def Jam Records and founder of the clothing company Phat Farm, came for Amma’s darshan on July 6th, and rapper and “Human Beat Box” Doug E. Fresh performed in the wee hours of July 7th. Speaking with Amrita TV after his darshan, Simmons said, “I’ve been a great fan of Amma for many, many years. I am practicing yogi. And it’s been my path—the yogic path. And every friend that I have that is part of this movement, the consciousness movement, through yoga, in America, has been to see Amma. So, I’m kind of the last one. Honestly. I’ve been inspired by her for many years. … Being around her, it’s like after the most beautiful yoga practice, after the most beautiful meditation; it’s during the most present moments. It is kind of a blissful experience. Being around her is like that. You feel connected. And from her, it just flows. She exudes this kind of consciousness that, most of the day, we just hope for, and every so often a second will come by and we will be awake. Being around her gives you that feeling of being awake. So it was very beautiful.”

To read the full article click the link below

Here is the video from May 2010 when Amma visited SUNY

Thanks to Linda Kardos (A.K.A Radha), Andrew and I were able to participate in a family retreat (held a week after the NY program) hosted by Amma!

The first day we got there in time to put our things in the hotel room and off to the program hall to get our hug! That was followed by dinner and we went to sleep very happy that evening...or should I say morning (around 1am)!

The second day we were up and at em' early as breakfast was 7:15am-9:00am. At 10am we got another hug! Before I knew it lunch time had come. We spent some time at the hotel arcade and found the Children's room and the the Arts and Crafts area. The whole second day was all about Andrew and all the new friends he was meeting. After lunch, I left him in the children's room and went to an outdoors meditation with Amma.

As soon as the meditation was over I ran back to the children's room to help prepare them for Dinner. At dinner the children sing a special song for Amma's entrance and she hands us all our dinner plates herself (children first).

As a parent assistant we guided the children to the dining hall as they held hands in a line. Then we really just had to keep them in line and entertained until Amma came (easier said than done!). After hugging Amma in the morning it was hard to believe that it was her who would be serving us dinner!

After dinner she fed the children (from her hand to their mouths) a special crispy Indian bread. Andrew was in heaven! There was one little crying moment for Andrew. He had never eaten at such a large place setting. There were at least 60 children all eating at the same few tables with parents on the outer tables. Andrew ran out of the children's area and to the parents table crying. I said "Honey what's wrong?" and Andrew replied with a howl "Which cup is miiiine!!!" It was sooo funny! Poor baby had never eaten with so many people at one table before!

The 3rd day brought yet another hug! Three days in a row! No wonder they call it a retreat!

After the retreat Andrew and I got a ride to my friends place in Long Island where I am now writing this.

My mom is still trying to get us to Florida for a visit in August. For now we are happy to be out of the shelter and happy to have had so many hugs from Amma!

For New York

Reverend Billy and The Life After Shopping Gospel Choir are in West Virgina next!

Coal River Revival at the West Virginia State Theater!

Reverend Billy and the Mountaintop Gospel Choir celebrate in West Virginia!
Saturday, July 24, 2010 8:00pm

Our last Mountaintop Revival in New York City was a call to action against Chase and it's financing of Mountaintop Removal. Now, in Charleston WV, the heart of coal country, we're planning a Revival of a different kind.

We'll celebrate JP Morgan's quiet retreat from financing MTR operations. We'll celebrate the freedom of Marsh Fork Grade School from the threatening coal slurry lake poised above it. We'll celebrate the lives and work of Mountaintop Removal activists. We'll give them thanks and praise, invigorate them, REVIVE THEM. We can end Mountaintop Removal in 2010.


We're passing the plate!

There it is, right under your nose! Help us go to West Virginia for our Shamanic Mountaintop Coal River Gospel Revival on July 24th.

Please give what you can:

We are a 501(c)(3) and your donations are tax deductible. Your generosity funds a no frills, bare bones trip across two states for Rev and The Choir. Vans, gas, and food for thirty - it adds up!

Can't give money? Contribute another way! Send an email to and let us how know how you can help. And at the very least please send your West Virginia friends to the show.

Norman L Fagan WV State Theater
1900 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston, WV

*I will not be performing in this show. Here's a video from Reverend Billy's TV's show...

Andrew's homeschooling is going well. When we went to the family retreat Andrew was the only kid there his age who could read. Those kids are not behind...Andrew is just ahead. Today I went wish list shopping at the Store of Knowledge

Here is a poster I saw that I know Andrwe will love since he is so fond of doing this himself!
Thanks to David T. Dines, to Bob W. for driving us from Boston to NY, to Jamoal for helping us with our bags to the chineese bus and for helping us move from the shelter, to Uncle Bob and Aunt Audrey for helping pay for the van for the shelter move, Mike Lesser and Yolanda Mercado for supporting my future development and being patient. Kathleen Rouleau, Mi Mi/Joyce and all of the parents who kept and eye on the Boston retreat kids, Samantha Whynes, Swati Shaw and Sreya and all my homies!

Our current mailing address is

Susannah Pryce
244 Fifth Avenue
Suite 200
New York, NY 10001

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You can use my email address to send a gift by clicking 'send money' and typing in the 'To' field or just click this link

Thank you! !Gracias! Merci! Arigahto! Geenkooya! Spahceebah! Obrigado! Madlobt! Grazie!תודה! धन्यवाद! Danke! אַ דאַנק! Salamat! Dank u! Köszönöm! Mulţumesc! Tack! спасибі! teşekkür ederim! คุณขอบคุณ! go raibh maith agat! σας ευχαριστώ! Hvala vam! děkuji! Tak!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shelter Without A Storm

Summary: On April 3, 2010 we lost everything to a
fire. No one was hurt. My 4yr old son Andrew and I are living in a shelter.

Special Thanks to My family, Mom, Aunty C,Daddy, Aunty Maureen and all who sent clothes, thanks to Reverend Billy, The Life After Shopping Gospel Choir and The Not Buying It Band, Shanti, Janine Tulchin, Jean Merritt, Ajala King, James Hanks, Micheal Lesser, Super duper thanks to Goodbye Blue Monday, Steve Trimboli, Mel E,Carly, Adam, carly & Zack(for holding stuff),Urania Mylonas, Laura Newman, Sreya, Tara Cupit, Joumana Risk, Gregory Marposon, Nathan Baer, Samuel Gaedke, Ross Mannering, Valerie Green, Salvatore Manfre, Sharon Francis, Yolanda Mercado, Adonika, Randy and all who came out to and supported our benefit party.

It is times like this that I like to reflect on happier times. Like the Dance Parade! So great to see so many old friends.

This is a picture from when I was in the parade in 2008. I have to hang out with those "House Of Yes" folks ...they are a lot of fun. The skirt I am wearing in the photo I made at a sweing party a few years ago at a loft they were living in.

I never saw the movie

..And Mermaid Parade...which I missed this is a picture from my first time participating in it

Andrew and I will be at the Manhattan Center July voulenteering for Amma's program.

Amma Summer Tour 2010

New York, NY

"The need of the hour is to cultivate a society of good-hearted individuals."

Programs include inspirational music, meditation, spiritual discourse, and personal blessings.

July 4th
11:00am - 5:00pm

July 5th

Morning: 10:00am Evening: 7:30pm

July 6th
Morning: 10:00am

Devi Bhava

July 6th

A celebration devoted to world peace
Program begins at 7:00pm

Manhattan Center
311 W. 34th Street
(Between 8th and 9th Aves.)
New York, NY 10001

Visit or call 212-714-5445 for more information.

Numbered tokens for individual blessings are distributed one hour before programs begin.

If you would like to volunteer for the Family Table please email the coordinator Susannah at

The Family Table is where all of the children attending the program check in to get name tags with their name, guardians name and guardians cell. It is for the children's safety in case they are separated from their families during the program.

Hey guess what?


Fixed my fire fans!!! Thank you Linus!!!

Andrew is fine and I will leave you with and old 'hair' not the musical sillies!!!

Thank you! !Gracias! Merci! Arigahto! Geenkooya! Spahceebah! Obrigado! Madlobt! Grazie!תודה! धन्यवाद! Danke! אַ דאַנק! Salamat! Dank u! Köszönöm! Mulţumesc! Tack! спасибі! teşekkür ederim! คุณขอบคุณ! go raibh maith agat! σας ευχαριστώ! Hvala vam! děkuji! Tak!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Benefit Party For Susannah and Andrew

Summary: On April 3, 2010 we lost everything to a
fire. No one was hurt. Today, my 4yr old son and I are living in a hotel waiting for placement in a shelter.

We will be having a benefit party on Friday May 28th 9pm-4am Downstairs at:

Tagine Dining Gallery
537 9th Avenue @ 40th Street
New York, NY 10018
(212) 564-7292
*Kitchen closes at 2am
*Hookahs available

If you cannot make it to the benefit please feel free to donate by clicking the link below

For those of you who havent seen Andrew in a while...well...I must warn you...the fro has been cut!

Thanks to Andre from Progressive Heaven, Fumi, Toni Gallo and all who've said they will be attending. We're gonna have a ball!

Much much thanks to Eugene Carlton!

Thank you! !Gracias! Merci! Arigahto! Geenkooya! Spahceebah! Obrigado! Madlobt! Grazie!תודה! धन्यवाद! Danke! אַ דאַנק! Salamat! Dank u! Köszönöm! Mulţumesc! Tack! спасибі! teşekkür ederim! คุณขอบคุณ! go raibh maith agat! σας ευχαριστώ! Hvala vam! děkuji! Tak!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Final Frontier

Summary: On April 3, 2010 we lost everything to a
fire. No one was hurt. Today, my 4yr old son and I are living in a hotel waiting for placement in a

This is it. The final frontier. All of my burnt/wet

things have been removed and placed in a

demolition dumpster.
Here's a pix of an average demolition dumpster...

This is really it. The final frontier. Everything will really really be gone...for real.

Part of me does not want to go. The other part wants to know...'Did the papers in the fire proof filing cabinet get wet?'....'what about my suitcase of photos. Is it possible that there is a dry photo...did the suitcase burn?...the suitcase was on the ceiling of my closet...could it have escaped the flames and the water? was an old fashioned hard suitcase...'

My mom says I should just go and look. That way I'm not wondering 'what if I could have salvaged...'

This has got to be the next-to-the-last-to-the worst part. I'm crying as I write this. Good thing tears tickle.

It will be a relief when the dumpster is gone. There won't be anything for me to go and get. Then I will finally be able to really begin closing this chapter...completing the pain. There will always be a sore spot or a scar I'm sure.

Reality is slowly seeping in to my consciousness. Its easy to be blind to reality when living in a hotel in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Speaking of reality...

The main things I want to look for are two filing cabinets (poems, lyrics, artwork), my clarinet case & clarinet, and 2 hard suitcases (photos). If they are gone I can accept that. I wont know until I look.

I still have a vision of my room the way I left it that day. I remember the exact place where everything was...their colors and dimensions...

The worst part for me would be seeing the things I could not salvage.

My bad memory has finally become a blessing.

My mind is flooded with images of things lost...

Amma's hair brush with her hair in it (including one grey hair)...

My dad's U.S army shirt...his last an only one...with 'Pryce' on the left breast...

Roller skates, roller blades, snorkeling fins with goggles and all, ski helmet & goggles for me & Andrew...

Andrew had an adorable little Zebra covering for his ski helmet...given to him by my friend had a tail and a cute Zebra mohawk...

I had a solid oak cabinet...I didn't even see any remains from that...

My black boots... pictures I took out of my parents photo albums...

My cheer leader uniform from college (basketball)...

Severyn's handmade shirts...

Shay's handmade shirts(AKA Daya)...

...IBM think pad...(it looked like a cardboard cut out of a laptop when the fire men through it out of my window) office chair I got from the French Institute when I worked there...(saw that fly out of my window too)


A Hagen daz liquor smoked mirror my uncle gave me from a bar he use to own in (California?)...

...Chalk board from Yabby's which was demolished to make way for a condo...I toured Brooklyn playing billiards with them when I was in the APA...

...Green Choir Robe...

A leather saddle bag from Mexico with the Mayan calendar carved into it that I got from a Brooklyn bodega in that is no longer there...

...passport, social security card, my original birth certificate with my parents birth dates and birth places on it (the new certificates don't have parents birth dates or places)...

Andrews original birth certificate & shot record...

Two sleeping bags...(Andrew and I love camping. The best thing about camping is that you get to go home afterwards.)

Andrews hair from his first hair cut...

...tap shoes (a pair of flat, heeled & extra taps), ballet shoes, jazz shoes...
...did I mention shoes? (Pisces rule the feet).

This list is just a healing exercise for me...I know there are many things I can replace...not sure if I will want to. I've already gotten some of the paperwork. As I said in a previous blog...the week following the fire I was running around from one government agency to another requesting paperwork...

Well it worked. I finally stopped crying. What was that...40 minutes? Cool. Moving on...

It seems many people cannot fathom the word 'everything'(or maybe they think I'm exagerrating). I've had countless conversations where someone asks 'what about....' and I say ' I lost everything except what I got out that day and what I had on my back'.
What I got out that day is like a grocery list from hell...Andrews bicycle, gallon of apple juice, fire fans, bag of dirty blankets and comforters, tweezers, toothpaste, makeup, silver box, one photograph that blew onto the sidewalk, yellow plastic toy dump truck from under the bathroom sink...en fin/the end/that's it.

There was a plastic dinosaur that I salvaged that I found outside...cleaned it with a toothbrush, I wanted to boil it, I sho nuff disinfected was what I had on the 'family table' at Amma's visit to NY last year

Mata Amritananda Mayi will be in New York July 4, 5, and 6 this year.

I want to take one last look at the place and the dumpster and then I'm ready to focus elsewhere.

I have music to record, a benefit party to plan, performances with Rev Billy...

(this was my first performance with them in 2007)

...some mountains to build in lobby's...

...all on my to do list ...oh yeah a fire gig in May too.

I contacted Riz (Randy) who owns the place where I bought my fans. He wrote "You have the Samurai fans from your pictures sadly we are not making them any longer I have one set left.. I'm sorry about the fire I lost a shop once i know how hard it is to recover from it. When your ready to order fans just look on the web site if the Samurai fans are still listed that means I have not sold that last pair yet. If I have sold them seeing how you lost your fans just email me and I will custom make you a set."

What an awesome company!

... and now Andrew is awake and the cartoons are on and my brain has turned to mush :-)

This is the perfect tyme to rebuild my arsenal. If anyone is available to donate their time to video or photograph the drum circle, benefit party or fire show let me know . I also plan to continue painting. If any one would like to donate black canvas, black mat boards, and white oil paint email me at .

Keep checking back! Or just follow and you will get an automatic email when the blog is updated.
Thanks for being here.

Thank you! !Gracias! Merci! Arigahto! Geenkooya! Spahceebah! Obrigado! Madlobt! Grazie!תודה! धन्यवाद! Danke! אַ דאַנק! Salamat! Dank u! Köszönöm! Mulţumesc! Tack! спасибі! teşekkür ederim! คุณขอบคุณ! go raibh maith agat! σας ευχαριστώ! Hvala vam! děkuji! Tak!

P.S. I wrote this three days ago. Since then I've seen the dumpster. There's no saving anything. The demolition of the house itself has begun so there is about four feet of wood on top of whatever stuff I had left. I saw five doors and lots-o-wall. What ever I had that was salvageable is buried for good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Newest Episode Of Lost

Summary: On April 3, 2010 we lost everything to a fire. No one was hurt. Today, April 22, 2010 my 4yr old son and I are in a hotel waiting for placement in a shelter. See the top floor in the photo? That was my room.

Details of what happened are here if you scroll to the bottom. I will continue to write updates so check back in a week or so.

Three days into our hotel stay Andrew said "Is the house fixed yet?" Yesterday he said "I want to go home." I've been flip flopping between a dream and a nightmare. Some days I enjoy being in a super large hotel bed. Other days I remember something I lost...ok make that every day...or even worse...frequent moments throughout the day.

I went to do laundry near the hotel yesterday. I was in awe of how much clothes each person had. My clothes could barely fill a regular washer. "Did I use to have THAT many clothes?" I asked my self.

This whole situation confirms the importance of music (I lost my clarinet, 2 drums, Andrews mini guitar, and my keyboard, however my violin was saved because I lent it to a friend) and meditation in my life. I'm booked to record some rapcore songs(some I've had since high school!)at World Eater Recordings on May 7th. I just happened to have 30 music Cd's with me that day. If not for that I would have zero music now. I can listen to music online so that is a plus! I did sing with Reverend Billy and the Life After Shopping Gospel choir at Highline Ballroom (April 18) which was an amazing show. My son's birthday was the day before. He got a wonderful Stevie Wonder Style Happy Birthday song after sound check

Oh, the books...I had about 400 books. All lost (including a play I wrote). I wrote a book with 300 poems and song lyrics in it...hooray for the Library Of Congress (and Cheers to myself for copy writing it).

I feel I was spoiled by always living or working in an area where I had easy access to the Village Voice (which I was on the cover of once). I actually stopped picking it up to save trees. When I see one now I hold on to it. Like a tourist I savor every page.

I'm still in New York. I've just always lived in or close to 'the city' (of Manhattan) except for the few years I spent in the Bronx when I first moved to New York in 1996. I'm in the 11220 area code which for me is like another country (like many other areas in New York). I went to the grocery store and had to ask 3 people who spoke little English (as well as the cashier) to locate a can opener. How do you say 'can opener' in Spanish?

All of my artwork was in there. Photos of them were lost on a friends hard drive. I had about 75 paintings (35 were recent while the remainder spanned back to 2001) that were in the style of Australian aboriginal work. Lots of dots and dashes. All lost.

I am also acutely aware of the garbage I produce, the amazing amount of packaging that comes with everything. Mentally I knew I produced a lot of garbage
however, knowing is one thing.'Experiencing' feels much different.

Also lost...a suitcase full of photographs...maybe 600 including my old fashion modeling portfolio, my old comp cards, 3 different head shots spanning 15 years, and tons of negatives...ouch!

The first store I walked into was a simple dollar store and not a big box chain store...speaking of chain stores...

Since I had lost everything it was like I needed everything in the store! It was an overwhelming feeling...especially because I did not want much. I went in there for sandwich bags.

In case any of you are wondering...I still love fire dance. I cannot wait to perform again. When I saw the flames burst out of my bedroom window it was an amazing force. That image will be incorporated into my future routines. I had a fire show booked for May. I still want to do it. I will post it here, so check back for info. I actually had a fire dance performance the night of the fire that I had to cancel (while sitting on the concrete crying in front of the fire trucks).

I was on the phone with my mom (who lives in Florida) and said "Oh that long black coat you use to wear is gone!". Many of my clothes came from thrift stores or friends (which makes them even more irreplaceable)...that is still so now.

We are all having flashbacks of things I lost. The memory of this thing or that thing comes at odd moments...and from unsuspecting sources (like other people or in conversation). One day, Andrew, out of nowhere went "My trains!" and started crying. He had 3 train sets. When we have a place to put one, my mom will send one for him.

My friend Mark is a massage therapist and donated a free massage. Thanks Mark! It was great. I can actually do a full head circle with no discomfort (old whip lash and dance injuries). My feet felt so good I forgot they were there ("Feet? What feet? I have feet?) and this pain Ive had between the base of my thumb and my wrist seems gone forever! Woo hoo! I highly recommend checking out his services (which include coaching and other fun stuff). You can check out his services here

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who has supported us thus far: My family (especially my Mom, my Dad, Aunty Claudette, Uncle Bob, Aunt Audrey, Aunty Maureen, Uncle Albert and Grandma), Reverend Billy, The Life After Shopping Gospel Choir and The Not Buying It Band, Amma Devotees, My Trance Family, Friends from Landmark Education and Goodbye Blue Monday as well as individuals and folks who I will probably remember after this is posted :-) Thank you all! You know who you are!

Thank you! !Gracias! Merci! Arigahto! Geenkooya! Spahceebah! Obrigado! Madlobt! Grazie!תודה! धन्यवाद! Danke! אַ דאַנק! Salamat! Dank u! Köszönöm! Mulţumesc! Tack! спасибі! teşekkür ederim! คุณขอบคุณ! go raibh maith agat! σας ευχαριστώ! Hvala vam! děkuji! Tak!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Moon Update

Right now I'm at a hotel provided by Red Cross. Check out is Fri 4.16.10 at noon. On 4.14.10 Andrew and I will be checking the post office for some documents we need in order to get housing. It will be a shelter, however not a group room with cot's. Its an apartment like facility.

Happy New Moon in Aries! Andrew is an Aries by the way...This phase of the moon takes place on 4/14/10 at 8:29am

Its quite stressful not knowing where I will be on Saturday 4.17.10...especially since that's Andrews 4th birthday. On my last visit to housing I was told all of their shelters are full. There is a chance one may open up. I understand there are many shelters,however at the moment I am only dealing with the ones that are used by Red Cross.

The most important thing is that there is a bed for the both of us to sleep on. I don't mind if we are both on the same bed.The first few days after the fire I slept 3 hours a night. Then I moved up to 4 hours and am now back and forth between 5 and 7 hours though I usually wake up after 5 hours and lay back down for two more. Either way after being up for 5 hours I feel really sleepy and fatigued. I am feeling much better and am no longer sick.Andrew is scheduled for a doctors visit on 4.29.10 and I will get my check ups done around then as well.

The hotel room I am in is in the basement. The signal is weak so phone calls my go to voicemail. I've finally got my laptop working down here (woo hoo!). When I am out I usually need two hands to deal with my bag and Andrew (I also need to pay attention to my surroundings). The area where my hotel is (Sunset Park) is beneath the BQE so it's sometimes loud outside. If I am not walking to a train or a government office I am usually on the train. If I am not on a train I would (in this circumstance) possibly be in a government office. Most waiting rooms do not allow cell phones. For the ones that do allow phones I try to text as not to be rude to others waiting around me. It is better to email me at as I may not check blog comments often. My mom has gone back to Florida so I've had very little down time (with Andrew and all).

Ive been to IRS, HPD, Red Cross, Post Office, Doctors Office,Bank etc...requesting copies of my documents. Yes I lost my passport and Andrews birth certificate too. I'm having some mailed. The post office is collecting mail in my name that is sent to the old address however if any of 'you' would like to send any mail (including packages) you can send it to (secure location):

Susannah Pryce
244 Fifth Avenue
Suite 200
NY,NY 10001

No solicitations please.

Oh by the way the picture attached to this post is of Andrew, myself and the un-lit fire fans next to a photo of Amma ( after a fire dance.

Every once in a while I have a flash back of something I lost...they come at the strangest moments...sometimes my eyes tear up...otherwise I'm ok. Andrew still thinks he may go home when the place is fixed. Some folks have asked me if people still live there...The place was vacated and is boarded up. I am the only one who lost everything (since the fire originated in my room). Everyone else was able to get their things. Even after the fire they were able to go in with the fire inspector and get stuff (with water and smoke damage). I have nothing to go and get. There is some rubble under a tarp that is tied down (in front of the house). I imagine only my two file cabinets are salvageable. It is highly possible the landlord may hire a company to throw the stuff away. I will worry about the file cabinets once I have a place to put them.

Thanks to everyone for your support...Let me count the ways...

2. Donations can also be sent by going to and putting in my email address (if the link is unusable)

3.Save the date! Benefit Party Fri May 28. Will post info on this blog once all is confirmed.To donate time or service email

FYI: Saturday is Andrews 4th birthday! Happy Birthday Bookie Bear!

P.S. I have a wish list connected to this profile. Please keep in mind it is not a want list. It is not a need list. It is a 'Wish' list and there may be some uncommon goods on there...a gal can dream can't she!


Please forward this link or my email to anyone who may be interested in the benefit party:

Thank you! !Gracias! Merci! Arigahto! Geenkooya! Spahceebah! Obrigado! Madlobt! Grazie!תודה! धन्यवाद! Danke! אַ דאַנק! Salamat! Dank u! Köszönöm! Mulţumesc! Tack! спасибі! teşekkür ederim! คุณขอบคุณ! go raibh maith agat! σας ευχαριστώ! Hvala vam! děkuji! Tak!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Perfect Tyming

On Saturday April 3, 2010 the space where I was living caught on fire. Andrew, myself and everyone else is fine. No one got hurt.

Before the incident occurred I was very sick (actually I'm still sick as I write this). My dad offered to come and take Andrew to the play ground so that I could rest. Andrew and I left the house around 5pm. I was not sure exactly what time my dad would come. At 3pm he was still uptown. I decided to go to the play ground to wait for him. As we neared the playground, I saw my dad coming from the direction of the train stairs. Perfect timing.

It was cool out so I offered to go back to my place to get my dad a wind breaker (jacket).

He had also brought me some 'Ital' food...

...and avocados (which I was feeling too sick to eat). The plan was to put the food in the house, get the jacket (give it to my dad who was at the playground with Andrew) and then go to Goodbye Blue Monday to try out my laptop (free wi-fi!). I had wireless at home. It just happened to be the perfect tyme to try it out elsewhere.

While walking towards the house I called my cousin Janet to thank her for the backpack I was carrying. I had my laptop, the external drive, wireless card and plugs in there and was telling her how perfectly they all fit. She gave it to me at my baby shower cuz get this...its insulated inside! Perfect back pack.

Since I had my laptop with me I also had all of my favorite disks, movies, computer stuff, and music. Upon returning home (to put away food and get my dads jacket) I saw one of my housemates leave the house followed by smoke and then I saw flames shooting out of my bedroom window. I could feel the heat from the 3rd floor while standing on the sidewalk near the house next door. At that point I had only been away for twenty minutes. Perfect tyming.

The first thing I did was to tell Janet what I saw, then I got off the phone and started looking for my house mates. When they were all accounted for (after the fire trucks came) I burst into tears.

It felt like I was watching a movie. There were 3 fire trucks on each end of the block to make 6 total. When the firemen walked from the end of the block towards the house it was as if they were walking in slow motion. It seemed like they were all on the same style...I'm sure it was my imagination...they were just walking together...there was at least 12 of them walking was awe inspiring.

They climed from the fire truck on to the roof, hacked a hole in it and poured water (lots!) into my place (top floor). It was very obvious that the fire originated in my room as it was the only one that burned to a crisp. After that the firemen jumped down into the room and started throwing stuff out. The bed frame, filing cabinets, laptop and office chair...Every time they threw something new out of the window, I burst out into a fresh batch of tears...nooo not the silent kind. The kind that comes with sound.

A couple of times I had to sit on the sidewalk. I was already sick and weak from being ill. I sat on the ground for a bit and cried. I hugged my neighbors and cried some more...and I hugged my house mates and cried even more. It did not occur to me then that I was doing a lot of hugging or even that I was the one who started it ( It just felt natural to cry in someones arms at a time like this. It just so happens that this was the tyme that 'someone' happened to be a whole lot of people!

At one point I could not take it anymore. They had knocked out the walls. The neighbors and everyone standing in front of the house could see all the firemen inside throwing things out and putting out the fire. The last flame was in the wall. Someone had to break the wall down to put that one out.

I felt like a piece of tissue paper...weak and light like I was going to crumple up or blow away at any minute. I was freezing. People saw how much I was devastated and started to turn me away...telling me to not look anymore. I decided I needed some coffee. Perfect tyming.

I went to Goodbye Blue Monday. I Got a large coffee, a flash light, and a metal stick. One of my best mates Mel.E (girl) came to my rescue with some garbage bags and bandannas for our faces. I went to her place to lay down. I was so exhausted (which is why my dad came to get Andrew in the first place). She gave me a plate with a donut and a champagne glass with milk. It looked so great that I wanted to take a picture of it! I was too sick to eat but I took a pinch of the donut and then put it in the bag with the food my dad had brought me (it never made it to the fridge remember!). Right as I was about to lay down my cell rang. Fire Martial. On my way. Perfect tyming.

It was my first time going inside. Thank God Mel was with me. She saved my sanity. My breath went out of my body. I could barely breathe. I was gasping for air like someone had put me in tank with no oxygen. I was breathing really heavy...not asthmatic...but very disjointed and with odd spacing and clusters...a breath here...3 breaths there...another one over here...way after I should have breathed...definitely invoulentary subconscious breath holding involved.

I walked up the stairs. Water everywhere...the smell was more than was C02 or whatever they put in the water and fire extinguishers to put fire out. A chemical smell mixed with the burnt smell and the wet smell. I got to my room door and I could see out side. There was nothing left except for a silver box in which I kept my spiritual items including items blessed by and worn by Amma ( I wondered why the fire guys did not throw that out of the window with the other stuff. It was the only thing in the room for me to get. Everything else was either charred to dust or out the window (warning: I may use the word everything quite a bit in this article).

I was looking at 3 solid walls, the fourth had a hole the size of Texas in it and the ceiling had a hole that I never looked at ...maybe a glance. I picked up the silver box (which was open) and went to the kitchen. Past the kitchen I saw Andrews bike with some laundry I had planned to take to the mat. There was also his stroller. Thank God Mel was with me and got the stroller and bike.

I went to the refrigerator and got a gallon of apple juice out (it was still cold) then to the bathroom where I got my tweezers, toothpaste and some make up (i ain't no fool!). Then the breathing thing started again. It was all too much. I felt weak. I had the silver box, the gallon of apple juice and my housemate was helping with the laundry bags. Mel had the bike and the stroller. That was all I could manage. That was all there was left to get out. I had no strength to pick through the stuff out front. The pieces of wall and metal on top were too heavy as was my heart.

At some point in all of this I got my fire fans and gave them to Mel. I knew where they were and I knew they survived the fire...the are made out of titanium...the same stuff Harley engines are made out of...theres no way those things could burn...and they didn't! At $75 each I was not about to walk out of there without them so I took my metal rod and looked for other metal under the ruble...found them immediately...a few got bent up with only one of the 10 nylon wicks unravelled a little...totally fixable...I think!?

I told the fire martial exactly how much fuel I had. Of course the can was in there and did not burn, bend or melt. There was not much left in there since I just did a bunch of was definitely less than half way full.

Out side in front of the house underneath all the pieces of wall that came down are some things. I don't know exactly what things...they are buried under pieces of wall. Maybe clothes, definitely my 2 fire proof file cabinets. What I want to look for most is a green hard suitcase with photos that was on the very top of the closet by the window. Maybe they got there in time to throw it out of the window before everything inside could burn. Maybe a photo or two out of 400 made it. I will go back with my mom to see if I can spot the green suitcase. I know there is a good chance that everything will be in a giant demolition dumpster or not there at all.

After we got all my bags to the Red Cross van, Mel and I went back to Goodbye Blue Monday to return the flash light and metal rod (Thanks Reginald!). I left the big stuff at Mel's place and went back to sit in the Red Cross van were it was difficult to stay awake (It was almost midnight at this point).

The Red Cross guys were awesome. I told them if my son grew up to do for people what they were doing for me, I would be real proud of him. I was in and out of sleep sitting up with the blanket on while they were putting data into the computer. I would wake up here and there to answer questions.

My friend Swati called. I wasn't even able to tell her what happened. I had told the story so many times in the 6 hours prior. I was exhausted. When someone at "Monday's" asked me about it (when I was getting the flash light) I looked at a friend and said 'you tell him'. I was not up for re-living the whole thing by telling the story a thousand times...not at that particular moment anyway. That is just one of the reasons why I am writing this blog.

The Red Cross van took me to a hotel in Brooklyn (where I am writing this). Reverend Billy and Shanti were first responders. They came with clothes and money so I could wash what I had and get food and basics. It was so nice to see some familiar faces. Savitry (Rev Billy's wife) put some nice smelling lotion and aroma therapy oil in there. That was freakin genius on her part. It did not occur to me that my hair and clothes and everything else had this horrible chemical-watery-burnt smell. After that smell and all that I went through, perfumed lotion was heaven.

I had already finished a load of laundry when Rev.Billy and Shanti arrived. I put deodorizer, laundry soap and fabric softener in the wash and...I got the smell out! I had to wash my hair twice. I got Lysol wipes which got the smell off of everything else. The Red Cross gave me some odor neutralizer stuff. Not worried about the smell anymore.

Red Cross paid for one day at the hotel and thanks to Shanti I have another day...


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